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Cookie seal aims to increase your sales numbers by regulating the authorized cookie management of the visitors of your website.


Adds Value To Your Business

Reach your sales goals without the fear of fines or penalties by harmonizing your website with general cookies terms and conditions.

  • Automatic Cookie Scanning
  • Cookie Preferences Screen
  • Security and Timestamp
  • Multisite Management From A Single Platform
  • Easy Installation and Customization
  • Reporting

Compliance With Regulations

With CookieSeal, categorize the cookies on your website and ensure that your users can manage their preferences based on “Open Consent”.

Open Consent Management

• Automatic Cookie Scanning

• Cookie Preferences Screen

• Centralized Management

• Easy Installation


• User Approval

• Reporting and Dashboard

• Approval History Archive

• Cookie Categories

Security and Timestamp

• Secure SSL Connection

• Timestamped Log Records

• Secure Cloud Platform

• Personal Data Protection Rights

Start Using in 4 Steps

CookieSeal was designed to be used in 4 simple steps. Follow the steps below, start monitoring cookies within the framework of the laws and regulations with the open consent method.


Register to CookieSeal through the Admin Panel and start monitoring cookies.

Obtain Approval

Once the registration has been confirmed, install using the ID and code generated according to your categorized cookies.


Monitor the open consents given by your users through the customized preferences screen.


Report the number of Cookies in more than one website based on categorized cookies and according to date.


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  • Unlimited Subpages
  • Technical support
  • Updates
  • Reporting
  • Daily Logging


Frequently asked questions and answers to all your questions are here.

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What are the main advantages of CookieSeal?

CookieSeal classifies the cookies on your website as “mandatory”, “performance”, “functional” and “Advertising and targeting” cookies, allowing your end users to choose with “Explicit consent”. It makes the cookie management on your website compatible with regulations such as KVKK, GDPR and e-Privacy. It stores the preferences of the end user by logging them with timestamp in an unchangeable way. CookieSeal is very easy to install and can be customized according to your website design.

How do you provide cookie management?

Cookieseal provides easy installation and management advantage. After the code generated and the classification of cookies is integrated into the website, a preference screen is presented to the visitor. On the preference screen, the visitor makes their choice with explicit consent and has the opportunity to change their preference at any time. Preferences are stored with the anonymous ID assigned to the visitors.

Do you follow legal updates?

Cookieseal provides its customers with the most appropriate service acoording to current legal processes. All legal regulations published with KVKK, GDPR and e-Privacy, which we will ensure compliance with in cookie management, are closely followed. In addition to the Turkish Legal Gazette and websites where the relevant regulations are published, the processes are followed through platforms such as EDPS (European Data Protection Supervisor), EDPB (European Data Protection Board), ENISA, and all necessary updates are made.

Is it mandatory to manage cookies on the website with explicit consent?

It is not stated that cookies are directly mandatory in the KVKK, which is the data protection law in Turkey. However, within the scope of the provisions regarding Explicit Consent in Article 10 of the KVKK, cookies must be managed with explicit consent. In the EU, Cookie management must be done with the explicit consent of the person. Companies subject to GDPR located in Turkey are also within the scope of this obligation. Therefore, Cookie Explicit Consent Management is required for companies residing in Turkey and subject to GDPR.



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