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Cookie Types

In business life, Cookies are categorized as strictly necessary cookies, performance cookies, targeting cookies and functionality cookies.

Strictly necessary cookies are essential for surfing on the website, accessing secure sections and using the features of the website.

Performance cookies collect statistical data to determine how users use a website, and obtains related data such as the pages most visited by the visitors or error messages received by the users from the web pages.

Functionality cookies enable the website to remember the preferences made by the user so that the website is customized according to the user’s needs and preferences. These cookies are used for user information, language and location preferences and the provision of other personal services. The information collected by these cookies will not enable the monitoring of your activities on other websites. Therefore, the parties obtaining such information must be transparent in explaining exactly which data they collect and what they do with the data obtained.  This information is considered personal data and is protected within the framework of the Law no. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data. Pursuant to Article 8 of this law, ‘personal data cannot be transferred without explicit consent of the data subject.’

Targeting cookies collect information regarding your browser habits and shows advertisements to the visitors according to their areas of interest. They remember whether or not you have previously visited a website and share this information with other institutions and organizations. In this way, they ensure that advertisements related to your areas