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Cookieseal is a Doğuş Technology brand.

About Doğuş Technology

Doğuş Technology paves the way for sustainable development in the global competitive environment with its creative solutions provided to the technology needs of different sectors. Doğuş Technology started its operations in 2012, in order to provide information technology services to Doğuş Group companies. Focuses on customer satisfaction with innovative, dynamic, solution-oriented, high-value products and services that make a difference. In this direction, Doğuş Technology, which prioritizes quality concept and offers its services to its customers with optimum costs, realizes all necessary infrastructure works, adaptation of systematic and software products in the field of Information Technology. Doğuş Technology, develops technological projects and provides support by applying modern technology in the IT sector. Approaching its customers with an understanding of strategic cooperation, Doğuş Technology works in an integrated manner with the internal business and information technology units of the organizations, identifies the needs with proactive methods and develops products that provide high level solutions to current needs. Reflecting its strong technological and sectoral operational experience on products, Doğuş Technology provides timely delivery and effective project management services, reviewing and continuously improving the methods that will meet the needs with the highest quality in order to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level. Doğuş Technology's experience, knowledge and well-equipped human resources in different sectors are also reflected in the services provided. Our wide range of solutions include; This includes designing, developing, installing, maintaining, updating, and troubleshooting the software and information system demands determined as a result of business needs automation arising from business processes automation, reporting, security and other reasons. In addition, arrangements of the systems that will work in connection with each other, ensuring their security, monitoring the work and reporting anomalies; and managing all these processes. Doğuş Technology is committed to developing IT strategies by closely monitoring the rapid developments in the technology world for each sector in which Doğuş Group operates; to transform the solutions it produces in the most appropriate way into value-added services; aims to continue to create change and quality. Our company researches technological solutions that work in line with the goals of business development and superior management performance, offers projects in line with business objectives, provides technology guidance and implements these technological applications. In this direction, internet and mobile applications, corporate and sectoral boutique software, business intelligence applications are developed for the group companies and they provide application support for advanced technological infrastructures; maintenance services and many other IT expertise activities. Doğuş Technology; ISO 27001 Information Security Management, ISO 20000 IT Service Management, ISO 22301 Business Continuity and COBIT standards provided by the software development, business process design and business analysis, system and infrastructure services, business intelligence and reporting, IT processes and quality management, IT consultancy contributes to the success of its customers with mobile application development, internet technologies and CRM, interactive projects and Microsoft Dynamics services.