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What Does the Cookie Policy Mean?

With the personal data protection laws coming to the forefront in recent times, cookies that check whether or not a person has visited a site they had previously visited, and remember your information when you visit the website again, have become an important topic of discussion.


What is a Cookie?

Cookies are the information stored on your computer by a website you visited. They can be defined as the “reminder box for web files”.

What is the Purpose of Cookies?

Cookies are beneficial files to provide ease-of-use on websites and to determine your interests and needs. What makes the websites remember us are these text files we call cookies. When our information is written on these files, if we visit a website we visited before, the website recognizes us, so that we do not have to enter our information again.

By marking the ‘Remember me’ box especially in websites that require a membership, the users can be online without having to enter their username and password again when they revisit the same site. This saves time and provides convenience by not requiring the same information to be entered repeatedly. Websites that send cookies can determine a specific period for the retention of such information, e.g. may require you to enter your password again after 1 hour.

Cookies are also used for statistical data collection by companies. With the help of cookies, companies can access information such as the behavior of their clients on their website, and the time spent on each section of the site by the clients etc. This enables them to understand their clients’ areas of interest and show them targeted ads accordingly.