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Cookie seal aims to increase your sales numbers by regulating the authorized cookie management of the visitors of your website.

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Multi-site management in a single environment

Cookie management of all sites is provided from a single environment, regardless of the number of sites.

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Security and Timestamp

Website visitors' preferences are time-stamped and securely stored by Cookie Seal.

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Easy Installation and Customization

Easy integration to the website and customization within the product is provided.

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Easy Installation and Customization

Easy integration to the website and customization within the product is provided.

How Does the Cookie Seal Work?

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  • Unlimited Subpages
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  • Unlimited Subpages
  • Technical support
  • Updates
  • Reporting
  • Daily Logging
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Customer satisfaction is our priority

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testimonials testimonials

Thanks to Cookie Seal, who produces fast solutions with a trusting collaborative approach.

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Using Cookie Seal, we were able to handle the cookie management issue on e-commerce sites without any difficulty. It is a great advantage that it does not adversely affect the collection of our data in web analytics tools. We are comfortable with cookies.

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Because the cookie management offered by Cookie Seal is fast and user-friendly, we carry out our express consent text processes easily. Also, we can easily integrate it into our websites with foreign language options.

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Bahçeci Health Group

The way to provide the highest benefit to both us and our visitors is through the services of Cookie Seal. Especially thanks to its success in cookie preference screens and collective control mechanisms, we have succeeded in raising the customer experience to the top.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cookie Seal?

Cookie Seal is a legal compliance product that enables end users explicit consent management of cookies on your website.

What is a cookie?

The websites you visit may store small information on your computer or phone, which can be read later when you visit the same website. The files in which these small pieces of information are stored are called cookies.

What are the Types of Cookies?

Cookie Seal classifies your cookies under four categories as mandatory cookies, Functional cookies, Performance cookies and Advertising/Targeting Cookies.

Why is cookie management necessary?

In accordance with KVKK and GDPR, personal data processed automatically through cookies on websites are subject to express consent. In this context, Cookie Seal allows you to provide explicit consent management in accordance with the relevant laws and the guide published on cookies.

What is the working principle of Cookie Seal?

Cookie Seal acts as a gateway between the website and the users visiting this website. The cookies allowed by the users continue to work in their current functions, while the cookies they do not allow stop their functions.

How can I add Cookie Seal to my website?

After creating your membership, you must enter the administration panel and follow the integration steps from here. For integration, you must add the code information defined for you by Cookie Seal to the relevant areas of your website.

Can I change the Cookie Seal banner and preference screen design?

Yes, you can do this. You can make changes from the .css file in the setup codes.

What happens if I do not renew my license?

If you do not renew the license after your license expires, the membership created on your behalf will be suspended. The process of recording the explicit consent preferences of end users is stopped.

How long is my license?

The license term is chosen by you. If you choose a monthly package, your license is 30 days, if you choose an annual package, your license is 1 year from your start date.

What is the Cookie Policy?

It is a document in which we fulfill the Clarification Duty in the law, by informing the end user for what period, where and for what purpose the cookies preferred by the end users who come to your website are stored, together with the relevant legal basis.

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